Selasa, 13 September 2011

Tracking Ngaba Tata

Actually, I have heard what is called ”Ngaba Tata”, a place where a waterfall is located in southern part of Aesesa sub district, Nagekeo Regency. Since 2008, I have been living in Mbay, the capital of Nagekeo Regency,  i got so many stories from various sources about this beautiful scenic. But unfortunately, I’ ve never got the stories specifically from tourism office of Nagekeo. Even, most of the stories said that it is hard to reach the place because of its topography. This make Ngaba Tata, tourism destination of Nagekeo  has not been recorded both visual and picturing. 

As for me, those various stories toward the existence of Ngaba Tata can be the asset for tracking on weekend.  Eventually, on Friday (8/9/2011), I invited two of my friends are Didimoez Ozora and Maxi Sile tried to reach Ngaba Tata. We went by Boanio, a village is approximately 22 km away from Mbay.
Afterwards, we leaved on Jawa Tiwa Village by motorcycles. It reaches 12 km From Boanio. The road is bumpy. Even tough, There is also an alternative road from  Raja to Jawa Tiwa, but we think it is closer from Boanio.
 Several minutes later, we entered Jawa Tiwa village. We met a kindly local people. He handled us to the waterfall of Ngaba Tata. We went on our trip by feet trough the house of village head. 500 meters away, We saw this Waterfall by the slope. We stepped forward, got down the slope. The road is extreme, stepping carefully on the stones. Roofs and stem were held to keep from falling and we hanged  over like ‘Tarzan’. Mostly an hour later, we could touch the place.

We got tiring, but it was all gone out by freezing of Ngaba Tata Waterfall The height of the waterfall reaches 40 meters. The bottom of the waterfall is in pool form with 20m2 in size. According to the residents there, the big stones which cover the waterfall happened by the shaking of earthquake in Maumere on 1991. The residents also told that, there was a big stones covered on the waterfall, it is likely a roof. The story Ngaba Tata is named after this big stone. In local language, “Ngaba” means “slope” and “Tata” means “top”. 

The water which flows over Ngaba Tata derives from the spring of “Lambo”. Then, the river collides with The river of Aesesa in Aemali District. The debit of the river can be triply when rainy season. 

If you are fond of tracking, you may spend your time in Ngaba Tata. Ngaba Tata is one of the tourism objects which is most interesting. We will also see some beautiful scenic across the waterfall to Aesesesa. According to the residents, there is no myth from this place. But for the visitors are required to keep and save the place before returning. Let’s keep and save our world and nature from the disorder. Nagekeo,…….4 ur beautifulness. 
 Trekking Of Ngaba Tata.
Teks and Photo by. Yanto Mana Tappi (NPC)